Grid Resistance Regulator

Grid Resistance Starter to regulate the Speed of Slip Ring Induction Motor

GRR for Speed Control


Having a proven track record of offering this product line over many years, our rotor resistance speed regulators are present on cement and mining industries across word, including India, Africa, Nepal and gulf, to name a few. It is designed and developed under the guidance of skilled technocrats keeping in mind the international standards. We offer this Grid Resistance Regulator in various technical specifications as per the application requirements of the clients. Known for features such as ability to maintain accurate speed regulation, easy installation, less maintenance, high performance and durability, this electrical product is in high demand among our clients. 


The GRR is housed in an industry grade enclosure manufactured out of heavy gauge sheet steel painted with two coats of anti-corrosive paint and one coat of final paint. The GRR is designed in two compartments, front and back.

1. Front compartment will be dust and vermin proof, provided with suitable gaskets and will be housed with Power Contactors and other switchgear.

2. Back compartment will be well ventilated, forced cooled type, and will be housed with resistance banks. The resistance will be stainless steel coil type with high thermal capacity and will be designed for temperature rise 350°C. The resistance coils will be mounted on angle iron structure with proper support to absorb the vibration and stresses that occur during transit/fault. The Rotor Regulator contactor panel and Resistance box are mounted in the same unit with partition in between. Connection between the resistance box and contactors are done by solid copper jumpers through polypropylene sheets. Adequate number of cooling fans provided to take away the heat  generated during regulation.


GRR is fully customized equipment as per clients requirements. Its very difficult to make any standard model. The resistance values of GRR is depend on the speed regulation range and ratio of rotor voltage & rotor current. Every slip ring motor has different rotor voltages and different rotor currents. 


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GRR is used to control the speed of Slipring Motor for various application in various industries

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